Life As We Know It

Until I became a Mum back in September of 2014, I never fully appreciated how good it felt to get things done!  Not only that, but to get things done when it was convenient to ME.  It’s been a pretty big adjustment and I’ve had to loosen the reigns a bit when it came to routine.  I still have a routine and couldn’t live any other way, however it’s when this routine turns to shit for all the reasons routines do with kids, that I had to learn to be adaptable!

So that’s why today, when my shift got cancelled at work due to a delayed flight,  that a part of me, actually every part of me got really excited to have a whole day to myself without any other agenda but my own!  After dropping Miss Z at daycare, and recovering from the tears that she goes through at every drop off, I walked through the front door and thought right…… BED, COME AT ME!

Through sheer determination, I pushed through the pull towards my freshly made bed, because I knew I would be so annoyed if I slept the day away.

Instead, I thought to myself, what is one of my favourite things to do?

TO ORGANISE AND TO CLEAN.  I know there are others out there…. totally normal! 😉

So like a duck to water I had my daughters’ room looking fresh and beautiful in no time, as well as the toy corner, not so conveniently located in the lounge room, right near the entry to the house.  Sucked up some spiders with the Dyson, moved on some pre loved toys, moved some furniture around, and voila, I felt like the most together person that ever did live.



Fake it till you make it, right?

It has been a pretty big week this week.  I started a new job – still in aviation but on the ground this time,  Miss Z increased her days at daycare from 1 to 2 and I started realising that when my bestie told me she starts cooking dinner at 9 am……she wasn’t kidding!  I’m finding my feet, and I know it’s going to be a great thing for Zoe and me, like always I just need more sleep.

Already since starting my new job, I have remembered what it was like to be really passionate about what you do.  I am so grateful for being able to get back into the aviation industry.  It never leaves your blood and it has helped to take my focus away from areas that it doesn’t require it!  I’m really hoping that one day in the near future co parenting becomes easier.  Optimism my friends, my word for 2016  .

A friend of mine bought me a gorgeous book this week.


It is small, straight to the point and full of dot points which I love.  It is packed with gentle ideas and suggestions to simplify your life!

I came across a page on how to be grounded.  Considering its the title of my blog, and a word that has always resonated with me, I was pretty interested to know how the Author, Kate James described such a word.  She described it in a way that I had always imagined it to be in my head.

Thank God, otherwise my blog title may have needed a revamp!

Being grounded means, basically, being connected to what’s real, as opposed to spinning out over what’s happening in your head.  It’s about bringing your awareness back to your body so that you can be more emotionally and physically present. 

She goes on to describe ways in which you can feel grounded in difficult situations.  Feeling the grass directly under your feet and imagining the earth’s natural energy coming up through the soles of your feet.  This strong connection with the earth can immediately take you back to the present moment.

I get this.

With this in mind, I have a weekend ahead of me with my gorgeous little bff, a birthday party with friends, sunny blue skies and a weekend full of more opportunities to make good decisions.  Starting with an early night tonight!

Jen xo





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  1. Hi Jennifer. I am now one of your dedicated subscribers, having read your whole blog and watched your video. I have one more word for you … Resilience. When I checked the meaning of the word in the dictionary, it said “Read Jen’s Grounded Mum blog”. Perhaps one day soon we can actually see each other in person again

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