About Me

Let me introduce myself, the grounded and somedays not so grounded mum.

I’m Jen, an ex flight attendant and Mum of one.  I am on a beautiful, never ending and juicy journey of practising to live a life that is free of judgment, that is less likely to inflict hurt towards others (yes, that includes ex husbands), and of course, myself.

Over the last 4 years I was in a relationship and subsequent marriage where I managed to end up blocking out my true desires.  How I really felt.  When you stop listening to yourself, you begin to put up with more, settle for less and eventually stop living a life that you could look back on and feel proud of.

In retrospect I don’t think I really knew how to listen to myself and make decisions, so I lost a LOT of self trust. I tried a number of times to seek that sense of peace and acceptance of my reality and myself.  To live this beautiful and present life that many would speak of.  I hired a life coach, kept gratitude journals, I dabbled in yoga, meditated for maybe 40 minutes over 4 years….. but it was always just hard!

After a tough but vital period of time, here I am, along with my ridiculously beautiful 15 month old side kick, feeling like it’s the most authentic I’ve ever felt.

You can have moments of feeling amazing after a separation.   

You can recover and find that there is actually another part of your soul just dying to come out all along!  Free of anger and bitterness and just hungry to start putting your best foot forward.  Sounds so wanky, but my God it’s liberating.

I’ve always loved writing and have written throughout the past 4 years of my life, so the drive, or should I say desire to start this blog was something I did not want to ignore.  I write weekly posts, (in a good week), upload the odd video and share everything that I am learning in an amazing Life Navigation course that my gorgeous mum enrolled me in over 12 months ago!

This is my safe place, where I can come and share my ramblings, so I truly am so touched that you are here visiting.

Jen x