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Emulsion auto maintenance system

YooqiTrampoilskimmingandthickeningsystem is a revolutionary innovation for aluminum hot-rolling coolant quality control....

2019-10-12 16:03:23

Sewage regeneration and reuse treatment device

Recycling refers to the reuse of various industrial wastewater and domestic sewage to meet non-potable water purposes, s...

2019-10-12 15:41:28

Activated carbon continuous adsorption system

The rapid development of industry will bring the problem of pollution is becoming more and more heavy, activated carbon ...

2019-10-12 15:04:16

Desulfurization liquid treatment system

The flue gas desulfurization method is adopted by the magnesium oxide wet method. In order to ensure the quality of the ...

2019-10-12 14:40:36