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Domestic sewage

HS series gas dissolved air floating device

Product introduction
    Pressure gas dissolved air flotation, it is under the condition of the air in the pressurized dissolved in water, and then by rapid depressurisation supersaturated air complete air flotation is released in the form of tiny bubbles.The basic process has fully dissolved air flow, partly dissolved air flow and reflow pressurized dissolved air flow 3 kinds.Depending on the bubble precipitate of pressure, dissolved air flotation and can be divided into: true air float and pressurized dissolved air flotation.The former is creating negative pressure condition into the air to complete floating in the water; Which is under the condition of the pressurized air into the water, rapid depressurisation release, complete air flotation separation bubble.
    Pressure dissolved air flotation (pressurized dissolved air flotation) is a highly efficient material processing technology, is widely applied to remove emulsified oil, vegetable oil, all kinds of oily wastewater (G) O, paint, rubber paint, leather suspended solids (TSS) and COD in waste water, the pulp fiber in papermaking wastewater recycling, printing and dyeing, bleaching, wool spinning in the wastewater in addition to COD, BOD and SS, chromaticity, such as electroplating heavy metal ions in waste water.Pressure dissolved air flotation is widely used in the sludge concentration, water reuse, food processing, etc.
Air flotation is micro bubbles generated by the air floated dissolved air equipment and adhesion on the sewage flocculated grain, which makes flocculant grain of mandatory buoyancy, realize the solid-liquid separation of a physical process.
Product specification
Pressure gas dissolved air floating specification parameters

Gas floating body
Pressure vessel tank
Dissolved air release device (releaser)
Scraping the slag device
Pressure pump, air compressor
The water conditioning
Reflux device
Mud device
Electric control device
Characteristics of the equipment
1. The reflux ratio
2. The separation time is long
3. Less safe hidden trouble
Scope of application
1. The oily wastewater, petroleum chemical industry, machinery processing, food industry, etc
2. Paper mill water recycled fiber
3. The dyeing wastewater, etc
4. The wool spinning industry - lanolin wool washing wastewater and detergent
5. Concentrated sludge (effect is better than precipitation)
6. High algae water purification
7. Low temperature and low water purification
8. To the purification of the polluted water body