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Desulfurization liquid treatment system

    The flue gas desulfurization method is adopted by the magnesium oxide wet method. In order to ensure the quality of the desulfurizer, the impurity accumulation effect is required, and the circulating liquid of the desulfurization absorption tower needs to be periodically discharged, and part of the slurry is replaced with new water, and the discharged slurry contains a large amount of suspended matter and salt substances. Solid waste such as calcium/magnesium ions, chlorides, COD and coal ash.
     With increasingly strict environmental requirements, reducing emissions and saving water, it is particularly important in the desulfurization process.
    The successful application of our company's magnesium oxide wet desulfurization slurry bypass treatment technology has been recognized and affirmed by users. After the process system is put into operation, under the same working conditions, compared with the previous heating season, it has the following effects:
    Saving magnesium oxide usage.
    Saving fresh water and indirectly reducing wastewater treatment and emissions.
    Avoid the problem of having to stop the cleaning of the circulating pool to precipitate solids, to achieve the separation of solids in the circulating liquid, and complete the dehydration work.
    In addition to this, the problem of manually emptying the solid sediment of the circulating pool after the end of the heating season is also solved, and the effect of automatic emptying automatic processing is realized.