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Activated carbon continuous adsorption system

    The rapid development of industry will bring the problem of pollution is becoming more and more heavy, activated carbon adsorption as deep purification process, often used for waste water level at the end of the processing, can also be used for production water and domestic water purification processing.Generally adopt continuous adsorption device.Continuous adsorption device mainly by cylinder, intake water unit, air bill of lading yuan, backwashing unit, feeding unit, the adsorption bed, water units, through feed unit loading adsorbent for gas bill of lading yuan can be automatically proposed saturation adsorbent, adsorption device of continuous running water out of the water.
    On the premise of guarantee normal in and out of the water, the backwashing operation can be performed.Adding the new adsorbent, automatic unloading adsorbent without manual loading and unloading.
    Yooqi adsorption system adopt two-stage tandem process, adsorption system out of the water level after dealing with the other process into the secondary adsorption system.At the same time, the new adsorbent adsorption system, automatically added to the secondary secondary adsorption saturation of the adsorbent can be promoted to the level of saturated adsorption system, used as adsorbent to continue, the level of adsorption saturation of the adsorbent to drain system outside the reservoir.