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Sewage regeneration and reuse treatment device

    Recycling refers to the reuse of various industrial wastewater and domestic sewage to meet non-potable water purposes, such as agricultural irrigation, green landscape water, car wash water, toilet flushing, road dust removal, industrial and construction water, etc. Use the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.
    In recent years, China has vigorously implemented energy conservation and emission reduction policies. Local governments at all levels have continuously increased supervision over the discharge of sewage treatment standards for enterprises and institutions. Local governments have strictly implemented them according to new standards, and the improvement of drainage standards has raised higher standards for enterprises and institutions. Claim. The improvement of drainage standards determines the high investment and high operating costs to a certain extent, which increases the burden on enterprises and institutions. In order to better solve environmental pollution problems, respond to national calls, avoid waste of resources, and share the burden of enterprises. Continuous technical improvement, recommending sewage recycling and recycling equipment to users.
     The application of sewage reclamation treatment equipment is a change of concept, which is the improvement of technology and the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction. It has the following advantages:
     Providing new choices and new ideas for enterprises and institutions with inadequate water pollution control measures and equipment;
 Reduce the total discharge of pollutants, and make the responsibility of enterprises and institutions for the prevention and control of water pollution;
After the sewage has been treated, it has reached the recycling standard, saving water resources, avoiding waste of water resources, and making due contributions to alleviating water shortages;
 Reduce the operating costs of enterprises and institutions, from input no return to input and output;
 Solved the problem of difficulty in drainage of enterprises and institutions, zero discharge of sewage to avoid enterprises and institutions becoming environmental monitoring targets;
     The application of sewage reclamation treatment equipment is a new measure of energy saving and emission reduction. Environmental protection is no longer a headache for you, and it will add momentum to the company's sustainable development.